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Updated : 20 Feb 2012
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My name is Thomas Joyce. I am from Dublin Ireland. I have been collecting pressed glass since 1999 from charity shops, car boot sales and sale of works. I also buy off some of the Antique Dealer in Francis Street. I have 600 pieces of mainly English pressed glass. This web book is a work in progress to preserve the history of English pressed glass 1880 – 1980. It will also include glass from some of the great European glass houses to give one an overall view of the pressed glass industry.

Pressed glass was invented in the U.S.A in 1825. Each piece is made in a mould and the glass is shaped by hand using a plunger. Pressed glass is easy to recognise as it has mould marks on the actual piece.

By the 1880’s the industry was in full flow in England. One hundred years later, 1980 and the whole industry was nearly completely wiped out. The closure of the Pyrex glass plant in Sunderland 2007 was the end of this English industry. Hence, English pressed glass is very collectable.

I also like mouth blown glass; hence we have Kralik (thank you Mary in the Blackrock market) and Made in China (thank you Maureen in the Irish Cancer Society in Kimmage).

I also wish to thank Ken for designing the software for this web book. I also have to thank David P. Encill for the help he has given me. I also wish to thank Neil Harris.

Hi Sarah, are you out there. Thanks for doing the typing.

I am fifty years old. I feel nifty on my Honda Fifty. Please enjoy this web book.

This is the first update of 350 pieces of glass. The next update will have more glass and improved history references. I am at present looking for a location in Dublin to exhibits the pressed glass collection together with my collection of reference books to give one an appreciation of English pressed glass. At the height of the pressed glass industry in England over one million people were dependant on their lively hood from the industry. They were so efficient at producing the glass cheaply that they nearly killed the American pressed glass industry. I am looking for original English glass catalogues to display for references. If there is anyone out there who can help please email.

Please support this site by buying the glass CD book soon to be available 2017 and support the friends of Inchicore who made the site possible.

All illustrations are from my glass collection © copyright. Thomas Joyce 2009. All rights reserved. Private re-production of material for personal use is permitted. Any other re-production by any means must have expressed permission of Thomas Joyce in writing. The information contained on this site is my opinion and may not be correct or accurate. None of the glass shown on this web site is for sale. If you have read this far it is obvious you are interested in pressed glass. Please help me with correct reference for the illustrations that have question marks (????) This web book is a free resource for collectors (but respect my copyright if you are a commercial business) Please share your information. I will give you a credit for any help given.

I will only open emails marked Pressed Glass. Please e-mail me at

Above all else this web book is an educational resource. I respect the copyright of others. If I have infringed your copyright please e–mail me and I will remove the material concerned.

© Copyright. Thomas Joyce 2009.